We’re pleased to present a candid Q&A with Carlos.
Carlos Wallace is the writer as well as executive producer of “P.E.N.S(Poetic Energy Needed In Society)”.The documentary unrolls the story of different poet’s lives. Well we always see how a poet narrates different
life stories but this time we will look into their lives, their struggles and we surely gonna experience something fresh, and  that's exactly why we're putting “P.E.N.S” in a special place in the movie world. Here is our detailed conversation with the talented Carlos Wallace.

1) Hi Carlos, first of all we want to wish you good luck for your upcoming movie and thanking you for your time you have given us for the interview.
How did the story of the movie is made?

Carlos: The idea actually extends over several years. I've been a huge fan of the poetry community in Houston for some time. My interest was piqued after I attended some local showcases. When I began producing and promoting poetry shows, I was stunned by the incredible talent that would
grace the stage monthly. I started paying close attention to the audience's reaction, and more importantly, the fact people talked about the performances days after the event!. After about 4 years of successful spoken word shows at
the Houston Improve, I wanted to take the next step to keep up the
momentum. For me, filming a show for television was the obvious platform to showcase the Houston poetry scene. After I spoke with Mikell, we determined that a small screen presentation would be great, it would be too limited in scope and might not pack too much of a punch outside Houston. We put our heads together, and he broached the idea of producing a documentary. This
would be the deep dive, creative, long-form film we needed to tell the story comprehensively. Not to mention, documentaries have a better chance of becoming a historical landmark when poetry is ever discussed years from now. I got to work, arranging the artists. Mikell scouted the locations and
conducted the interviews. He edited the piece, we had it mastered and
engineered, and the rest is history.


2) How did you choose such a unique title “P.E.N.S” for your film?

Carlos: We have the most extraordinary creative think tank. Liz, Mikell, and I put our heads together to come up with a unique, catchy title that
captured the essence of the documentary. We definitely wanted to make sure the title had longevity. We didn't want anything about this doc to be dated or
limited by geography. Mikell and I are the big-picture creatives, and Liz is the
intellectual, the wordsmith. Between the three of us, we found the right combination of words, meaning, intrigue, and significance in Poetic Energy Needed in Society. As a creator, that is what you want. There is no point in producing a work if no one is interested in seeing it

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