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 Many of us try to help others but how many of us really can? Imagine if we make it our goal to serve people, and we live our lives by doing well to people, then how beautiful the world could be!  Now zoom into Irmtraut Wäger’s life, you will surely find this aspect in her.


 Synopsis: Written by Niklas Goslar “Mother of Tibetans” is a documentary based on Irmtraut Wäger’s life. Irmtraut Wäger born in East Prussia in 1919, became a refugee during the Second World War, it was during one of her first visits to India that altered Irmtraut Wäger’s life forever and she began being actively involved in finding aid for Tibetan refugees.

After retirement, at the age of 60, when she started her second career,  she became actively involved in finding  helping hands for Tibetan refugees with the consent of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  The distress of the Tibetan refugees evoked memories of her own experience as a refugee. She started to raise funds and ran German Aid to Tibetans from her small two-bedroom apartment in Munich. She was a determined head of a major relief agency and took care of  thousands of godchildren, apart from the children she also helped the monks and nuns as well as the elderly  women and men. Many hospitals, kindergartens, old-age homes have been initiated by her for the Tibetans. There is plenty of old footage of her in the movie, which shows her dedication towards the refugees. In 2006, His Holiness the Dalai Lama conferred her with the International Campaign for Tibet’s Light of Truth award for her “outstanding contribution to the public understanding of Tibet and its current plight”. For her affection and care, The Tibetans started referring to her by the name “Ama Wäger”, which stands for mother.


 REVIEW: German-based filmmaker Niklas Goslar described the character and the story expertly. I believe the movie was beautifully picturized keeping in mind all the factors that are essential to match the subject.  “Mother of Tibetans” deserves attention from both mainstream and sub cultural audiences equally. To present a film where the whole concept is not acted but expressed is not an easy task, I must salute Niklas Goslar, for doing such a fine job. The music will simply connect you with the concept of the movie.

Niklas Goslar directs this beautiful documentary that features beautiful sceneries exposing the story of an affectionate and courageous woman. This movie will teach us about Kindness, generosity, and welfare for people.


“Mother of Tibetans” Winner in the category Debut Filmmaker by the annual GOLDEN MERLION AWARDS of the World Film Carnival International Film festival (WFC) in Singapore, is a film that will make you watch more documentary-based films. After such a great film, I’m looking forward to see what else the director has in store for us. Irmtraut Wäger’s life gives us a strong lesson that if there is a will there is a way, no matter what are the circumstances, always help others.

 So, make the most of your time useful by watching this beautiful documentary presented by Niklas Goslar.





(Written by Kusum k. Gupta)

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