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Death is an inevitable process in human life, but we always try to find an escape from it. It is never about that one person, who holds the hand of death to start the journey to the rainbow bridge, but it is also about those people whom he or she left behind. Those people who somehow get into the grief to meet their beloved one again, and now it is all about waiting. No matter how much time will pass, the mind with never learn the facts of how to live without them, but surely learn how to pretend.

SYNOPSIS: Joseph a Mauro  and Ezekiel N Drews’ “Happy Birth Day”  is a movie about a man who was unable to save his family. The movie confabulates the pandemic-like situation, where the virus transmits through breath, affects the lungs, and causes death in less than five minutes.

Happy birthday, little munchkin – At the start of the movie we can see John preparing a cake, placing it on the table, and opening the tab he starts watching a video., that leads him and the audience to flashback, where we can see that John is somehow missed to attend his daughter’s eleventh birthday and try to have a conversation with his daughter and wife through video call. Seeing him on a video call, John’s wife starts yelling at him as he does not attend his daughter’s birthday. She says that he intentionally missed it because he is germophobic, and looking at the situation he does not want to be in social gatherings. As their arguments start to get fuel, we can see that one person on the birthday starts to cough, and dies instantly, and soon the whole birthday place turns into a graveyard. John tried very hard to save his daughter, but she also got infected and died.

 Breaking news – as the movie starts to move forward we can see that John has his lunch and now he has to go outside to fetch the fuel. As he comes out of his house, it's shown that he lives in a completely remote area, in the middle of a forest. here I would like to say that the total ambiance of John’s house and the shot where it is shown that he lives in the middle of a forest portrays the feeling of isolation. John is leading a life where there is no human interaction and no socialization, his lifestyle will give the audience a flashback about their suffering at the time of the pandemic.

Moving to the next scene, a stranger invades John’s house and starts peeping into his tab, he sees all the videos and all the previous news, where it's showing how the pandemic started to break. As he was watching the video of John’s daughter’s birthday and things went wrong, he got interrupted by John, who was standing just behind him.
Welcome to apocalypse – soon after meeting the stranger  John gives a punch, which leads the stranger unconscious, and John feels regret for his did. After getting back to his senses the stranger introduced himself as Sam, and John also introduced himself. The men start to have a conversation about the pandemic situation and the deaths of people, And Sam also shows interest in knowing more about the girl whose video was there in that tab John tells him the backstory.

Happy Birthday from the President – in the very next scene where John is continuing his back story, he is shown in a conference hall where the president of America will give a speech about the outspread situation of the disease. As the votes are knocking on the door, the president tries to divert the audience's mind from the current situation and allure them to lead a simple life through this situation. As John has so much data on this fatal disease, John tries to warn the president and authority members But nobody believes him. Here the audience also gets to know that he avoided his daughter’s birthday just to inform the president about it. Soon after arguing with the president, John left the place and the president moved to give his speech, there one of the authority members who was already infected, came and started to cough in front of the president, and then he and the president started to bleed and died instantly in front of media, which created havoc tension in that hall.
Telling all these stories to Sam, John also gets to know that Sam is also having a struggle throughout this situation. Sam tries to console  John and tells him that he should overcome his grief and let things go with the flow.
One last birthday cake – realizing that living in the burden of grief and regret will not let him lead a good life, John decides to move forward and celebrate one last birthday of his daughter. Hence he and Sam started to prepare the cake one last time. The last time when John wants to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, let her go for the final time. The movie somehow showcases human nature, where people do not want to let their past fade away, they always want to live under the shadow of the past, and it becomes tough to break the chain of memory.
Review: Directed by Joseph a Mauro, Ezekiel n drews “Happy Birthday” is a movie about a situation where we have been through. This movie will surely give u flack back, where we have seen people bemoaning, and distressing about their loved ones.
About the writing - The movie “Happy Birthday” is written by Ezekiel n Drews. Through his writing, Ezekiel depicted a trivial scenario of the world, where people are losing their lives, politicians are using citizens to become more powerful.  He also portrays the strong emotions of agony and misery of John, who is being tormented by the loss of his eleven-year-old daughter and his wife. we all have come to grips with all these vile emotions, where we have seen people losing their lives and suffering, but we were so helpless that we that we could not able to save them. Ezekiel n Drews has written the character John with all these emotions. From the beginning audience will fall for this character and will remain hooked to him till the last scene. I must say that Ezekiel n drews  “Happy Birthday” paints a mental picture of us through the character “John”
About the direction – a movie gets a life through direction. In “Happy Birthday” Joseph a Mauro, Ezekiel n drews show their utmost proficiency. Through direction, they put their heart and soul into this movie, and this is shown on the screen. Whether it is the void of John’s character or the stress of the pandemic, every detail is being shown minutely. It takes a lot of research and knowledge to put these aspects together.

The lead casts –the characters are being played by Joseph a Mauro, Ezekiel n drews themselves. They both made the characters alive. It feels extremely fresh and connected to watch every character of the movie. The development of John’s character is truly commendable. Once the audience will watch the movie, they will surely get attached to the character.
Overall, this movie is based on a concept that we all are aware of, but I must say it will feel completely immaculate to watch “Happy Birthday”. The cinematography and the background music elucidate the depth of the story. Joseph a Mauro and Ezekiel n Drews’ “Happy Birth Day” is a movie for people who love to watch movies that have drama, and emotions.

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