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No matter how execrable our situation is, we never stop dreaming.  Life without dreams is incomplete. Dreams drive us towards our passion. We often redeem those things in the dream, which we can not acquire in reality. But the fact is, dream only when you dare to make it true. “Chiu Funk mo” is a music album about a man and his dreams.

“Chiu Funk mo” actually means “Give me more funk, right now”. This music album is a mix of animated video and music video. The whole music video is based on the life story of Nidio Casorcio, who dreams to be a successful pop star.

We have prepared a bunch of questions for Emilio Sioli to get the best out of our curiosity regarding the music album.

  1.  Hi, Emilio, hope you are doing well. Why did you choose the title “Chiu Funk mo” for your music album?

Ans-You are asking why we chose this title.  In Nidio Casorcio & the Afragola Dance Orchestra Youtube channel, you can listen to several songs sang by Nidio Casorcio inspired to funky 70 grooves. “Chiù Funk mo’” is the last one. It is very important to explain why we use the dialect of Naples instead of Italian to write lyrics and sing ‘em. Most of the music lovers know that the dialect of Naples fits very well for many kind of modern and contemporary music:  from  Opera  to rock and roll, from blues to jazz music and more. Nidio is a funky singer and musician  or – better- he dreams to be. So, the most important part of his production is directed to recreate the groove of funky music with a bit of Mediterranean sound and a bit of the Italian humor .

2. It is obvious that this music album is inspired by real people and their stories, but would you mind sharing with us who is the inspiration behind the character “Nidio Casorcio”?

ANS-Nidio Casorcio was born in a whats-app chat among Emilio Sioli and Nicolò Cavalcanti, to laugh together  after the hard days of work. Pretty soon we decided  he could become a cartoon because nobody of us  looked physically  like him. Nidio is fat, Mediterranean style and he has frizzle hairs. Me and Nicolò looked like English men with blonde hairs and gentlemen behavior. You can see it in that video because we wear Whigs  to be much more similar to him and his fellows like Palmiro Di Ruoppolo played by Nicolò.

But it has been  so funny to invent this character day by day with the help of the cartoonist Vittorio Guarienti, the musician and arranger Luca Balduzzi and the sound engineer and producer Diego Bergamini , involved to create the Nidio Casorcio characteristic groove, music and image. Nidio is also inspired  to a typical citizen of Naples, lazy,  cunning and, above all, a dreamer.


3. As a music video producer, which is your favorite genre in music? Have you ever been a part of any music band?

ANS-I have been a professional music promoter of jazz music and in theatre for 40 years. But, in the beginning of my work career, I have been an actor. Professionally,I wasn’t part of any music group but I studied drums and percussion during my youth.


4.“Chiu Funk mo”is a music video which is showing the value of dreams. What is your biggest dream and what is the value of a dream for you?

ANS-My biggest dream - as well as Nicolò - is to become professional  songwriters and  play writer, creating characters, stories and songs for professionals musicians and film directors. I can answer  to the second part of your question telling you “don’t wake me up”!

5. Animation is an important part of your music album. Vittorio Guarienti elucidated the animation part wonderfully. Did you work with him before?

ANS-Vittorio is a nephew of mine and he  studied as cartoonist for two  years in Vancouver (Canada). He’s a wonderful painter and designer too. During the pandemic we kept in touch on line several times and I asked him to create the Nidio Casorcio’s face and shape  for his first album “Funky Funky”. He did it, I think, successfully.

6.How did you come up with the storyline for your music album?

ANS-It is not a true story line for the album but a music line based upon funky music , the music played by Nidio Casorcio and The Afragola Dance Orchestra. The songs went up day by day, with the amazing support from Luca Balduzzi, Diego Bergamini, the singers Leslie Abbadini and Maria Tomqasoni and the supervision of Nicolò as co author. It is important to say that we needed a video to promote the character and the world of Nidio Casorcio.  Vittorio used to say that he needed 1 week to create 3 seconds of a cartoon and we thought it would be better to add a movie to this contribution to match the original creation of Nidio as a cartoon and to save  production times and costs.


7.Can you tell us how did you plan and organize the duration of your music album? When did you say to yourself: "this is done".

ANS-It depends how much you have to say, writing a song. I mean, a “regular pop song” lasts 3 minute more or less but you need more time of music  if you have much things to tell in.  The goal of our music is to let the people dance while they listen to it. And I said “this is done” when I have this sensation, listening to a possible final result.


8.You mentioned that you are the writer, co-producer  of the music video and you played the lead character also. How difficult it was for you to manage all the responsibilities at the same time ?

ANS-It is simple to respond: I have enjoyed while doing it. So I don’t feel any struggle during the production processes and I can give my energy and my contribution to the project.

9.Would you mind sharing with us any bts or memorable moments with the crew of  “Chiu Funk mo”?

ANS-I think the funniest moment  was when we weared the wighs and the costumes the first time. We laughed a lot , kidding  with each other.


10.We want to end our conversation by asking you about your upcoming projects and when can we see them?


ANS-This music video got a lot of success. We also got many awards and we are persuaded to carry on with Nidio and to tell storyies about  his world. We are starting to plan another short movie about Nidio and his relationship with religion for the next year

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